James George Reed / Nikola Lulic


Kim Reed

Can anyone help me I am looking for information on James George Reed (3rd Class)19 y.o.He did not survive the voyage. I am putting together a family tree. Advice on where to locate D.O.B and any photos that might be available would bel very much appreciated.

I am also looking for info on Nikola Lulic (Croatian)who was a survivor and also a 3rd class passenger. Thanks in advance

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Kim, the biographies database here at ET has very little about James Reed - basically that he was a butcher from Penarth, Glamorgan. But there's quite a lot about Mr Lulic:


If you are sure there's a family connection with Mr Reed, my advice would be to make a start by working backwards through your own family records. As you may know, tracing a family tree is like putting together a large jigsaw with lots of pieces missing, and the best source available to you right now will be the recollections of your oldest relatives (hopefully you won't have the same problem I have - in my family I AM the oldest relative!) That should give you a few clues about who to look for in the 1901 Census returns for England & Wales, which are online here:


This will provide you with a selection of James Reeds of the right age living in the right area, any one of whom could be the one you're looking for. That's where those family memories will be useful. Best of luck!

claire morris

I believe i have a family connection. My grandmother's (died 2001) maiden name was Mary Reed. I can remember her mentioning she had a relative on the titanic but unfortunately that is all i know. If anyone can help me find out more that would be great.

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