James Johnston

Seeking information on James Johnson , Steward who survived the Titanic voyage by being on board Lifeboat No 2.
Where did he go to after the rescue and the investigation? When and where did he die?

From where am I able to obtain a copy of his crew agreement with his signature? (to compare with another I have) also any photos that may be avaliable?

His serving, and surviving is a family story from way back. Mention has always been made of a plaque being received by family members of survivors? Could this be true?

Our James was born in the Isle of Man and was a seaman who I believe served on the Olympic also.

Members of his family emmigrated to NZ the same year as the Titanic so I feel they would have known that he had signed up for voyage.

Any information I can receive would be most appreciated.


Jason D. Tiller

Staff member
Hello Val,

Welcome aboard.

Have you checked James Johnston's biography on this site? If not, here is the link:

James Johnston

The biography is always a good start. Also, note that Johnston actually has the letter 't' included, which would affect your research inquiries.

I hope this helps.