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James Moody

Discussion in 'James Cameron's Titanic (1997)' started by Matthew Bowyer Fan, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone. I wonder How is possible that 6th officer Moody is last seen next to Chief Officer Wilde (Mark Lindsay Chapman). Chief Officer Wilde is later seen after Titanic sinks. Why Moody is not next to him? Please help me!
  2. Brad Rousse

    Brad Rousse Member

    We have little no evidence of Moody's actions in the final moments. The easiest answer is to assume that he was lost in the crowd as the ship began to sink, and washed away or drowned by the time Jack and Rose see Wilde on the wreckage.
  3. Thanks for answer. I appreciate very much.
  4. chrisii1991

    chrisii1991 Member

    And how did Wilde get a lifejacket on as the deck was awash?
  5. Yeah, How? This is that what also all time I wonder.
  6. chrisii1991

    chrisii1991 Member

  7. It looks like junior officer patch to me.
  8. chrisii1991

    chrisii1991 Member

    Do you think you could zoom in on the patch?
  9. Moody's body was not recovered and James Cameron knew that. So why would he order Moody's actor to portray Moody among the floating bodies (which were to be recovered) if the body of the real Moody sank?
  10. Mark Baber

    Mark Baber Moderator Member

    It's a movie, and can show whatever the moviemaker wants.
  11. chrisii1991

    chrisii1991 Member

    Same could be said about Wilde and Murdoch but James Cameron decided to have Murdoch shoot himself and Wilde freeze to death on a deck chair.
  12. I still wondering it. I was once call Edward Fletcher but cause I am czech I was unable understand by phone most of what he say. I was asking on wikia one user but he have not time yet. But I am still uncertain cause the stripe on patch look more closer than in Moody Scenes.
  13. @Bob Godfrey

    @Ioannis Georgiou

    Why Moody isn't in the dream sequence? He died and didn't do anything bad so doesn't he deserve place there? Same goes for Wilde.
  14. Loutino

    Loutino Member

    Actors who played Moody and Wilde weren't on set when the dream sequence was in making.
  15. @Loutino Thank you! I would put more people in dream sequence at very least:

    Wilde (Mark Lindsay Chapman), Moody (Edward Fletcher) and Steward #3 (Kevin Owers).
  16. Loutino

    Loutino Member

    Yes, they should be there... But I think they didn't take all actors to this scene because it was spontaneous decision to make it. At first it was made for fun or something like that. Here is what I've read about that:
    Several members of the cast had no idea how the final scene was going to be used or if it was going to be included at all until they actually saw the film. Victor Garber says “When we shot the last scene, we all thought "Oh, this will be cut.” I was shocked to see it actually in the film because it was such a kind of a theatrical moment. And of course, it worked perfectly.“Kate Winslet also recalls "Leo and I were like, "How are they going to use this? What, she went back to the dead? or she died too and they met again on the vessel once she died?” We could never quite figure out what it was going to mean.“