James Paul Moody, any more pics of him younger?

Hello everybody

I am on superforum.fr about the Titanic and since I knew about James P Moody, I wanted to know more about this young man and his courage;

On Website, I can find some pictures of him but each time, they are the same; and in the same time I discovered your Website :D ; could you find more photos about him?

I suppose too that James had written some letters to his family; where are they? Museum or in private collection?

I saw here good articles and many information we did not have on superforum; May I translate some for my friends (superforum.fr) who could not understand the English language? or is it prohibited?

Thanks a lot for all yours answers :D

Sorry for my bad English! :(
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J Burdette

Hello Marielle,

The letters appear to come from a private collection from what I gather. Parts of Moody's letters to his sister are quoted in the book "Titanic Valour". As for photos of him when he wad younger these are the only ones on-line thst IS know of which are available to the public:
James Moody as a child

Pretty good ones too, I might add. Also, I think your English is very good.

The majority of information regarding James Moody, I think, (the personal stuff and what not) comes from Inger Sheil. My own is very limited.
Hello J

I have already his picture but I was thinking about pictures at 6 months, 1 year etc. :eek:) ; about the book it is about Mister Lowe, a biography of him... I will see for this book. Thank you so much for your help. Oh and thank you about my english level ;o) but well ....need practising !!! Have a nice day!