James Paul Moody


Aly Jones

Where to begin? It is not nice to laugh & sigh at other people's misfortunes.

hydi j

Howza guys!

I need 100% "right" details on J.P Moody,please.

My friend from work is an artist (in her spare time) I had ordered a painting from her of J.P Moody,unfortunately,the only image(s) I have of him is in B 'AN' W - I am after a coloured painting you see

The details I need are,if possible please-

His hair colour?
His eye colour?
His skin tone colour?
His eye lashes- long /short?

An the uniform he was wearing!
Dark Navy Blue or Black?
(the image was before Titanic) ;)

Any one that can assist me,thank you so very much
Ryan McKeefery

Ryan McKeefery

I have been considering writing JP Moody into the final chapter of Totes Meer as a sub-protagonist; going/being ordered below decks with some volunteers to ensure all the Third Class women & children know where to go to be evacuated, doing so for a short time, and then dying a hero's death below.

I'd just like to know what people reckon of that as well as a few details. Eg., Where and when was he last seen?

Laura Jay

It's a interesting-when I read about the characteristics of the officers, I can see some of them in my own family. My dad's like Lowe, very self-contained and a disciplinarian, my big brother's like Moody, he has a sense of adventure and is really funny, and my little brother is like Boxhall-quiet and determined.
I'm like Lights, lively and I love to tell a story.
What else did Moody do on his earlier sailing days-I mean aside from going down mine shafts, etc. I always wonder at what adventures he must have had.


hi you say that james paul moody had a girlfriend before sailing on the titanic, I would like if you could give me information about she, as who was she, what was she name and where she was from and where they could have met, thanks


Hello all.

South America? I had read he had a female buddy over there?

I was lucky to come across a lady that came in-contact with chris's daughter and john henry moodys sisters daughter. They shared three pictures with her. She ask permission to share pics with me, and they oblige :) these pics never been displayed in public, these pics came from moodys modern family.

One pic of maggie when she was around 30 in nurse uniform. One pic of john in his later years (now i know what James would've looked like in his 50's) and chris's grand son.

I can't share the pics because of obvious reasons. I wished they gave us more pictures such as- chris and john when younger... Maybe standing next to James.

I actually had the pictures stored on my hone computer until my brothers fiancé accidentally erase them from my home pc. They may be still there, fingers crossed.

Oh, she even came across a man whom is related to James by James fathers second marriage. He wasn't that obliging. :( he was more suspicious than anything else. Oh-well, some people like to be left alone. :)

She is a gem. I hope shes doing well and finished her story book.


Writing the date here at work, I noticed that we’ve ticked around to the 21 August again - the 116th anniversary of the birthday of James Paul Moody in 1887.

It seems appropriate to note the date, given the recent calumny he has been subjected to based on shoddy research, methodology and speculation, and deliberate attempts to edit him out of the proactive role he took during the latter stages of the evacuation. Those responsible for this distortion of history are people who have never made the slightest effort to research or understand his background - a pity, as had they done so, they might then have realised how outré some of their claims or speculation about his past and mindset are.

But to take a more positive note…James Moody - Jim to his shipmates - was a man who had faced early setbacks in life that had never diminished his natural optimism or resilience. He was remembered long after his death for his mischievous sense of humour, and he exhibited throughout his life a great tenacity and dedication to duty. Although the career he pursued was not of his own choice, he commendably said that he was proud to be doing honest work, and would have rather ‘gone crossing sweeper’ (and some of you know what that job was!) than sponge off his family.

I’ve seen it suggested elsewhere that men did not celebrate their birthdays in the Edwardian age. Not so in the case of James Moody, who wrote cheerfully from one of his ships that, as his birthday was flanked by those of one of the other mates and an engineer, they were expecting a lively few days of celebration.

There are many lively, engaging characters that emerge from the Titanic disaster, but none more so, IMHO, than the youngest of the deck officers. The character he demonstrated throughout his life, and not just during the sinking of the Titanic until he was last seen at A still working at the lifeboats, are inspirational. In spite of the sadness of his early end, and resisting the temptation to maudlin sentamentality, there's something very uplifting amidst all the poignancy of his premature death.

And to think - he should have been in Paris when the Titanic sailed, kicking up his heels with his American friend. 'We can't have big ships and holidays', he wrote with a smile.

"What a lot has happened since then, and what a distance I have covered." - JPM, 1908

Very interesting story. Reading your posts is always very interesting. thank for your work! I can imagine how difficult it was for several years to collect information about James Moody in small pieces. How did you manage it? James Moody is one of my favorite people of Titanic, I tried to find as much information as possible about him, but thanks to you and this forum I learned a lot of interesting things about James. About his childhood, family, his cheerful nature. And I learned all this thanks to you. Let me thank you for this!