James Robert McGough

Mar 27, 2006
I think that JR - John Robert McGough - is my grandfather's cousin through his father, Thomas, who was my grandfather's uncle. Anyone know anything about JR other than the story of urging Molly Brown to get her lifejacket and get on a boat? He was hospitalized back in Philadelphia for "hysteria" which I believe is likened to a nervous breakdown. I am trying to trace what happened to him. He died in 1937.
Apr 9, 2006
I'm related (very distantly!) to Edith Corse Evans who went down with the Titanic because she gave her lifeboat seat to another woman who had children. I was able to trace the connection through Quaker records which are very good.

Does anyone know if pictures of her exist? I have read that there are none, but as wealthy as her family was it seems that there would be a family album, at least. I do a lot of genealogy, so I might be able to locate something if I do research. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jul 12, 2003
Hi Susan:

I have been doing genealogical research for a long time, too...with a lot of luck.

Anyway, I saw your post and had to share something with you. In my Titanic book collection, I own one entitled "Titanic: Women and Children First". There was mention of her probably through the woman whom she gave her lifeboat seat to. Anyway, it talks about a plaque that was erected to Edith in honor of her heroism.

The plaque (according to the book) is located at Grace Church in New York City.

The book says that little exists of her today aside from the newspaper articles regarding the Titanic. However, her family papers were donated to the New York Historical Society.

I would write to them for any info. Finding a photo doesn't sound very promising but you never know until you try. Maybe you will come across something.

Good luck.


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