Jane Anne Forby and Frederick Maxfield Hoyt

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I am researching the ancestry of Jane Ann(e) Forby the wife of Frederick Maxfield Hoyt. Jane was Coll. D and her husband jumped into the water and was pulled into Coll. D.

Jane was the daughter of Frances Marion Forby. The Hoyts and Forbys were residents of New York.
I have Jane's Death Cert and Frederick's obit from the Larchmont Times.

I am looking for mare information on Jane Ann(e) Forby.

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Censuses reveal surprising info about this passenger. By 1912, she was listed in the Social Register and traveling first class, but it appears that she lived in very humble circumstances before her marriage to Frederick Hoyt.

The 1880 census shows the year-old Jane, her sister Harriet and her parents Francis and Cordelia (or "Frank" and "Delia" as they appear in several places) living in the home of her maternal grandparents, Ephraim and Jane Anne Hewitt. Francis Forby's occupation is given as "carpenter" while that of his father-in-law is "butcher". The 1900 census shows the Forbys living in their own home, with Frank's occupation the same and Harriet and Jane (or "Jennie", as she was that year) each having "mill hand" after her name. By 1910, Jane was married and Harriet and Mr and Mrs Forby were still living together, each having "none" written under occupation. By 1920, the Forbys were living with the Hoyts in Frederick and Jane's home. Harriet Forby was now Harriet Murphy, and also making one in the household was her son, Forby Hoyt Murphy. Harriet's marital status is given as "married" but her husband is not mentioned.

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