Jane Patterson Hodge Titanic survivor


Iain Stuart Yardley

It's been a long, long time since I posted on here!

From a cutting from The Daily Telegraph, earlier this week:

(large colour pic of a field of flowers with a young woman walking through)

Floral Fancy
Lupins resurgent

"For the first time in decades, a vibrant crop of lupins is flowering in Terwick on the West Sussex Downs.
The field beside the 12th century St Peter's Church was given to the National Trust in 1939 by Jane Patterson Hodge, a Titanic survivor. She donated the field in memory of her husband on condition it remained a lupin field. Over the years the flowers died off, but as a venture by the Trust, a mental health charity and villagers has restored the impressive blooms."

I've searched for JANE, PATTERSON and HODGE to no avail. Anybody have any ideas?



Jim Kalafus

Yes. Check the 1939 papers, Boz. These stories have a way of morphing over the years, and the initial Titanic connection might have been far more tenuous than the article suggests. A few random thoughts:

*Widowed by another shipwreck, and the Titanic mystique attached itself to the story over the years.

*Lupine field planted as a general Titanic memorial, with the widowed survivor detail being added later.

*Planted as specific Titanic memorial, but the widowed survivor detail being urban legend. It could have commemorated a brother, brother in law, cousin.

Might not the National Trust have some records pertaining to this? If you can get the date upon which it was donated, you can then access the local papers for supplemental details.

Good luck.


Cannot say too much as I was greeted by an e-mail this morning from someone on this message board. The only thing I have found is the registration of her death back in 1939.

For the record, and I'll say it now in case I am bombard with all sorts of private questions, I haven't found nothing recorded in any of the Minute Book's of the Relief Fund. She's a complete mystery from start to finish.

Otherwise, anything new that opens Titanic window over claims there were a so-called a 'survivor' is always worth investigating peacefully to satisfied the mind.

Good luck

Iain Stuart Yardley

Thanks guys. More or less what I thought.