Jaume De La Vega [was Hello from Catalonia...]

Jan 26, 2014
Barcelona, Catalonia.
hi, I'm what says on my nickname, because I registered via Facebook.

I was 'in' for the Titanic since... Well, before it became mainstream. (take it as the mid 80's, AKA, all my life) albeit I all my life 'suffered' the Titanic curse, not being able to complete any model, tried the 1:600 something Revell model, a cheap 1:700 propelled model, and now I have fooling arround a 1:1200 model and an academy 1:350 model, this last one not complete but not abandoned, got to here by searching engine pictures because that, I want to put in the model the rep engines. Yeah, each time I want to assemble a part, I see more details I can put, but only if I stall on the assembly... (LOL complicated)

My Titanic memories... Finding that wasn't an one armed bandit what crushed that stoker in "A night to remember"... Trying to check by myself that there's 2997000 rivets in hull...


Jan 18, 2014
Lol, I can't complete models either. I am a total failure at making models. Perfect Example Is This: Simple Revell Model, paints the red part of the hull, and finds it is uneven and rages.