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Mette Hjermind McCall

I am looking for Jerrie Howard, a contributor to a bio on the third class survivor Mrs. Jennie Hansen.

Howard holds the copyright to a wedding picture of Mrs. Hansen on ET and I would like to ask permission to use the picture in a book I am writing about the Danes and Titanic.

I will get back to the subject of Danes and Titanic later on this message board.

Mette Hjermind McCall

Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
I think it was in 1998 I got the Racine Journal Times to write an article about Jennie and Claus Peter Hansen. I got into contact with mentioned Jerrie Howard. I got the wedding picture from her.
I have her adress in Racine, I will look for it and let you have it later. After the newspaper article I got into contact with a relative of Claus Peter Hansen: Victor Johnson [ADDRESS DELETED] U.S.A. I am sure Jerrie will permit the picture to be used.
They both will no doubt be interested in the book.

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