Jennifer Carter's Husband

Eric Paddon

Jun 4, 2002
I've just learned from a film music message board I belong to that Joel Hirschhorn, husband of Jennifer Carter, who was the fist woman to ever dive on the Titanic, has passed away.

Joel had a very distinguished career as a songwriter, winning the Oscar for Best Song twice with co-writer Al Kasha with the original songs respectively in "The Poseidon Adventure" and "The Towering Inferno". He and Kasha also co-wrote the songs for the Disney movie "Pete's Dragon".

Jennifer's book "Titanic Adventure" talks a great deal about their marriage as well as her experience in the 87 expedition.

Condolences and prayers to Jennifer during what has to be a difficult time for her.
Jan 29, 2001

I realize that this comes late in finding you.
I too am saddeded by this news. I did some corresponding with Jennifer, and exchanged gifts. (Yes, she too is a collector)

It's interesting in her book that she mentions during the '87 expedition she was the only female dive member, surrounded by men !

However, there was no jealousy on the part of Joel..may he rest in peace.

I am reminded of the segment where Ms. Carter rceives her initiation upon having dived in NAUTILE...a dousing of fish guts, a little champagne...and a dunk in the mighty North Atlantic...

Michael A. Cundiff

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