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I am a fourth cousin of Johan Cervin Svensson, the 14 year old that was rescued in a life boat. I would like to try to get more information on him for my family website: I am working on a full page devoted to Johan and his life story. I was given his family genealogy by a cousin in Sweden which will be added to the website, also. I would also like to get in contact any of his living relatives as well.

Thanks for any help!
Johan was the guy known as "Titanic Johnson," I think. It is reported in a newspaper article on this site that he suffered, in his later years, from memories of the disaster. He lived in California. You might want to check with Mike Herbold (mherbold @ regarding some more information on him.
Jan- Thanks for the note.
"Titanic" Johnson worked for quite a time for a marine construction company based in the Long Beach harbor, not far as the crow flies, from the Queen Mary. He and his wife lived in a simple one story house on the corner of Termino Avenue and Stearns Street in Long Beach, not far from the infamous Long Beach Traffic Circle.
They are now buried side by side on a slight slope in the beautiful Rose Hills cemetery near Whittier, California, which is about 20 miles north of Long Beach. His gravemarker mentions that he was a Titanic survivor.
Phil Gowan was nice enough to give me copies of Mr. Johnson's death certificate and obituary, and probably knows much more about him than I do.
I looked through your website, and I'm not quite clear yet where your family trees intersect. Can you clear that up for me?
I've got photos of the Johnson house and gravesite that I'd be happy to mail to you. Contact me offsite with your mailing address. [email protected]
Hi Mike! Good to see you around! Though you should have said not far from the infamous CLARK street.

Welcome Rhonda! Jan and Mike beat me to the punch line, but you are on the right track!
Thanks, everyone for the help. I hope to have the web page up soon; I'll let you all know when it's ready. Mike Herbold is sending me some great photos of Johan's home and gravesites. As soon as I get my scanner updated, I can post them on the site. Thanks again!!!
Hi everyone! With the help of Mike Herbold, I have completed my little tribute page to my distant cousin Johan Cervin Svensson, 14 yr old survivor of the Titanic. I do hope I have done the copyright stuff correctly; I guess if I haven't I am sure some one will let me know! :) My site address is: Please drop in if you have time, and I would appreciate if you sign the guestbook. Thank you, everyone for your contributions!!! Y
Interesting... I was just searching for titanicpassengers who passed away around when I was born. Johan passed away almost excactly 9 months before I was born. He was also Swedish like me.

I loved your page Rhonda. It's interesting for me as a Swede to read about swedish immigrants in USA. Millions of people emmigrated from Sweden at the end of the 19th century so I know a lot of people with relatives in USA.

Thanks for sharing the link. I will add a link to it on my swedish titanichompage.

Best Regards, Mike
Hejsan Mikael, Hi there Brandon,

Thanks for the kind words. I have had lots of fun with this Titanic link to my family, even though it was not a direct link, like a grandparent, etc. Mikael, I also find the Swedish immigration stories interesting. So many came here! I was also amused to learn that there are more Swedish blooded people now here in the USA than there are in Sweden. ;o)
Thanks also for adding a link to your page. Your site is great, too! I hope to visit your beautiful country soon.

Evening folks
I have really enjoyed reading the biographies here on Titanica, you people have truly done a remarkable job.I definitely hit the Titanic jackpot when I stumbled in here.
I read the biography of Johan Cervin Svennson and discovered information on an article that was new to me and I wonder if anyone can confirm this.Pasted here directly from the article is the info I had never heard." Other recollections included the image of inexperienced crew members fumbling with a life-boat lowering winch and spilling a boatload of people into the Atlantic. "
If this is indeed a fact which of the lifeboats was it that overturned while being loaded? Was the lifeboat hauled back up and reloaded with more passengers?
If anyone knows anything further about this I would appreciate a response.Thanks for your time.
Rhonda please contact me regarding Johan Cervin Svensson at [email protected] as my father & Johan were 1st cousins & I would like to know more about any genealogy info you have on the family.
Hello and welcome, Art.

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