Johan Emil Petterson

My Great-Uncle, John Paterson, drowned on the Titanic en-route to Chicago. This has been known within my branch of the family but with no independent verification,

Recently, I discovered that his brother emigrated to Tasmania and his descendants have confirmed that they also know of this event.

I see that there are lists for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class passengers but were there no steerage passengers?
Hello James,

Welcome to E-T. - 3rd Class and Steerage were one and the same.

Looking at the 3rd Class List although the name is spelt differently might you mean: Johan Emil Petterson, who is listed as being on his way from: Västermo, Närlunda, Stora Sundby, Södermanland, Sweden to 4947 Lincoln Ave. Chicago. - It is noted that he was travelling with his sister: Johanna Ahlin.

In his book: Titanic The Great Lakes Connection, Cris Kohl, lists Pettersen, but not a John Paterson as: bound for Chicago.
Welcome James: Lester is right as far as the data; in roadside ditch that nonserious stranger who by error the last name this badly written, soon deberian to agree the names of the cities. It is a very meticulous but rewarding task. I wish successes you in your search and any thing you do not doubt in contacting to any of the members of ET. From Argentina him shipment my respect
In Claes Goran Wetterholm s book "Titanic" Johan Emil Pettersson is mentioned. According to the book he was from Vastermo as Lester mentioned. His parents were Per Larsson and Anna Lisa Larsdotter. He was the brother to Johanna Ahlin with whirh whom he travelled. He was travelling to his sisters home in Chicago. He was unmarried.
According to Wetterholm the sister Johanna had her adress in Akeley, Minnesota, where her husband Johan Ahlin and her two sons lived. I have no knowledge of what bacame of the two sons. Janes Norton, are you related to one of the two sons? I hope this is a little help for your research.