John Adams (Richard May)


Jon Stagg

Has anyone carried out any research on John Adams? Reason I ask is that I'm trying to verify the truth of my late grandmother's story that her sister left the country under an assumed name with her fiancee and was lost on the Titanic. The sister's name was Elsie Rodd, but was known as Elsie May. We dont know the name of the fiancee. What she did tell us was the fiancee came from a Yeovil family, but was living in Bournemouth immediately before they left. Gran said there was some kind of problem with the fiancee's family disowning him because they considered the match below him. Gran's family came from Templecombe in Somerset, about 8 miles from Yeovil, and we believe Elsie may have lived in Yeovil for a while. Apparently she was living in Bournemouth prior to embarkation. Gran always claimed she recognised both Elsie and her partner by their assumed names from the lists published at the time of those who died.
The biography given on this site of John Adams/Richard May almost seems to fit the circumstances perfectly, except for one problem - I can't find any likely candidates to identify as Elsie. I was wondering if Gran got it confused, and Adams/May was actually emigrating to get away from Elsie. If so what happened to her, as she totally vanished.
Am I chasing a red herring here or can anyone add any insight to what may have happened? I know there are lots of family legends about who was on the ship, but to me Adams/May seems to fit the history too well for the story to be discarded. Can anyone offer any advice?
Jon Stagg

David Huffaker

One possible link to the Adams name - his maternal aunt - Sarah Jane Slee married William Adams in 1889 in Dorset.