John and Florence Ware

Apr 19, 2005
I am new to this message board and it's clear to me already that I don't know much! So please forgive gaffs and seeming ignorance.
I am very interested in Florence Ware and her husband John Ware. They were 2nd Class passengers. Florrie survived, John did not. What attracted me to this couple was the fact that she was a Bristol girl, and John was from Axbridge in Somerset. I lived very close to Axbridge for many years. Florrie died in Plymouth, my grandmother's home town.
I am a storyteller and recently have been asked to take a "Titanic survivor" programme into local schools ( I now reside in Pennsylvania). I should like to be as accurate as possible in my programme, hence the need for research!
Is there anyone out there specifically knowledgable regarding Florrie or any of her still living relatives?
Many Thanks!

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