John Bertram Crafton

John Betram Crafton is my 1st cousin three times removed. Crofton's mother was my great great grandfather's sister! I am from Mississippi and live there now. Crafton lived in Mississippi for awhile, but he was not from here.

Found something interesting about the Crafton's that I wanted to share. Crafton's wife, Sarah, was the first person to receive money fro the class-action suit filed against the International Navigation company of London, owners of the Titanic.

The suit was for 16 million!

It's really surprising that the whole group received so little and it went to the U. S. Supreme Court. Anyone know anything about this?
Lawsuit from Titanic Disaster.jpg
Anyone know anything about this?
Yes, this article was uploaded to the site last year:

According to Crafton's biography however his wife's name was Sally, not Sarah. Also, it is interesting to note that the article uses the original name of the International Mercantile Marine Company (IMM) which up until 1 October 1902, that is what it was called.