John Harper Letter Framed Print

Jun 15, 2020
Hi there,
I attended a Titanic exhibition in Southampton in around 1997/1998,and while I was there I purchased a limited edition (1 of 50 i think?) framed print of a letter written by John Harper while aboard the Titanic.From what I can gather,these were produced by the great grandson of the lady to whom the letter was written.
My copy of this framed print has been wrapped away in storage,and has never been displayed.It measures 41.5cm x 31.5cm including the frame.
I would now like to sell it,maybe someone who has an interest in the Titanic would like to enjoy it!But I have no idea of It’s worth!!It maybe only worth a few pounds,or maybe a bit more??But I would be interested to hear from anyone who may be able to give me a rough valuation of it please?Ill attach photos in the hope that someone may be able to guide me please?
Many thanks for your time.Rachel.


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William Oakes

Mar 6, 2020

How much do you want for it?
It's worth what someone is willing to pay.
It would be more valuable if it were the original letter and not a copy.
You could auction it.
eBay is an inexpensive way to do that.
Or sell it outright.
I'm thinking $250 is probably the top dollar for as me if you like [email protected]
I'm interested.
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Jun 15, 2020
Hi William,
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question!I have had a bit of information from several other people and I have decided to list it on EBay as you suggested.Whether or not it will generate much interest,i dont know,but its worth a try!A couple of other people I have spoken to and gave me a rough estimate of what would be a reasonable starting bid...I just hope they are being honest with their estimation!!
Many thanks William,Rachel.x

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