John Hugo Ross


Glen McKenzie

I am interested in John Hugo Ross. Actually, I am related through his grandmother Flora McKenzie.

Susan Booth

Nov 10, 2005
Hi everyone,
Im not sure exactly why im here but I have a little story to tell and wonder if it rings a bell with anyone. Last Sunday (6th Nov) I had a dream that I was walking through a dockyard looking at the ships, then all of a sudden I was on board a ship and talking to a guy who told me his name was John Hugo Ross and he went down with the Titanic. The next minute I was waking up and his name had stuck in my head so I checked up on the passenger list and found him. I was able to describe to my husband what he was wearing in the dream and when I looked at his pic he was wearing the same clothes. I dont know why he contacted me but I havent the faintest idea how to find out about any relatives he might have. I wondered if anyone on here had a relative of this name.

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