John Jacob Astor

Albert Moss explains in this interview from 1962 that he thinks he recognized Astor at the bridge minutes before Titanic went under, and that Captain Smith offered him a lifebuoy. This took place before the chimney went down.
I don't have a photograph of him, but his courage is a strength I have drawn upon my whole lifelong, abduction at gunpoint, surrender of my physical self at deaths door... twice ... Living thru a myriad series of tragic & catastrophic ordeals and surviving to tell about it. Where did I ever draw this ability from? The ability to wield through these life threatening - life altering - scary it's not happening to me experiences - It's been years gone by ~ Finally healing ~ all these life experiences & traumas are now long behind me only now can I begin to tell the stories. And now I realize the strength that I found to endure & survive must have come from a man I never knew, he died before I was born, & before his own son was born. My own biological grandfather. Now some of the mystery of my own biology comes to light. Through generations passed I am a witness that my own bravery came from a grandfather I would never get to see ~ never get to kno ~ as he gave his life up to save others ~ on a sinking ship he put his pregnant wife into a lifeboat ~ to secure her chance to survive ~ a gallant man of unknown courage he must have been to have stayed behind knowing his life was at an end ~ as there were not enough life boats for everyone to survive ~ I honor you grandfather ~ I honor you!
Regrettably, although this article is very well written, there are many instances in which the author neglected to pout either semi-colons in to indicate proper breaks in the sentences—em dashes like these ones could have done the same thing—or rearranged the sentences and put in periods. As it is, it reads like a high-school essay rather than a proper article.

Perhaps it should be editable by the public; or is that not possible with this format (see the semi-colon?)