John MacKay Local Interest

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Jun 10, 1999
Good Afternoon:

I realize this comes late in finding you (Since the sun returned in North. NV, the Carson City Hand Car Wash is overwhelmed with detail work :-(

Our local paper, the NEVADA APPEAL marked (7-20-03) the passing of the 'Boss' of the big bonanza, John MacKay on July 20 '02 (Front page too, even with photos!)

A small sepia-toned photo of the MacKay-Bennett at sea was featured. I had never seen this one previously (Frank and Sons, South Shields is owed credit).

Michael A. Cundiff
NV, U.S.A.
May 8, 2001
Is that right? July 20th? Hmmm. Shares my little guy's birthday. (The Moon landing too.) Good to see he was not forgotten in the local papers, and that the connection was made with the cable ship MacKay-Bennett. When I was last in Virginia City the current care takers of his mansion were completely unaware of the connection to the ship, or Titanic. Sad!
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