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Beryl A. Litherland Ray

Good afternoon to everybody! Long story....

I received a note from a distant relative recently, in which I was informed that a cousin of my great-grandfather was a crew member on the Titanic. I believe that person to have been John Mawhinney of Belfast. Does anybody have any info on him? Did he survive? Sorry, but I know nothing about the fellow! I'm a native of Warrington (Cheshire) in England, have lived in Wichita, Kansas (USA) for quite a long time. If anybody has any information at all, it would be very much appreciated. Incidentally, I think my half-witted husband has posted a photo of me on your web site, in which I appear to be a tuba. Rest assured that I am not!


Beryl Litherland Ray
Oct 28, 2005
hello i am looking for information on john mawhinney i am just wondering if we are related as my fathers name is john mawhinney from newtownabbey near belfast

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