John Mawhinney

Good afternoon to everybody! Long story....

I received a note from a distant relative recently, in which I was informed that a cousin of my great-grandfather was a crew member on the Titanic. I believe that person to have been John Mawhinney of Belfast. Does anybody have any info on him? Did he survive? Sorry, but I know nothing about the fellow! I'm a native of Warrington (Cheshire) in England, have lived in Wichita, Kansas (USA) for quite a long time. If anybody has any information at all, it would be very much appreciated. Incidentally, I think my half-witted husband has posted a photo of me on your web site, in which I appear to be a tuba. Rest assured that I am not!


Beryl Litherland Ray
Beryl, you may want to do some re-checking on the name as Mr. Mawhinney does not appear on thissites crew list or the crew list put together by Hermann Soldner.

Michael H. Standart
Addendum, Senan noted in another thread that AB Seaman Mawhinney was aboard for the delivery run to Southampton. Fortunately for him, that's where he got off.

Michael H. Standart
hello i am looking for information on john mawhinney i am just wondering if we are related as my fathers name is john mawhinney from newtownabbey near belfast

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