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Has anyone got any info on John Noon, fireman on the titanic. He lived in Southampton at the time of the sailing, but he wasn't born there. Anything at all would be much appreciated!
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Here is what I have on Mr. Noon - not much but a little:
Noon, John. Lodged at the Sailors Home, Oxford Street, Southampton. Occupation - Fireman. 35 years old. (Born in Wigan).
(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number 201. Noon, John, child. Class G dependent -a child, class G dependent, would have received two shillings and sixpence per week).

Jo Schulte

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R.E (Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Does that mean John and his deceased wife had a child?
Hope you can clarify this but again many thanks for the info you all helps.
Yes John Noon was the surviving child. Someone, possibly a relative, was looking after him and the claim was made on his behalf. It was awarded and he continued to receive it until his 16th birthday at which time the Fund would have helped him to find employment or helped with an apprenticeship.

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Hi, I'm trying to find information on John Noon who worked as a Fireman/Stoker on the RMS Titanic, I think he may have been my great great uncle.
Any information anybody has would be a great help.
Also, I found out he was widowed, and a John Noon received funding as of March 1913, would this have been the son of John Noon and his late wife?
I have been researching John Noon as part of my recent lectures on 'Titanic The Wigan story'. After a few months of research I think I have found John Noon's son also called John Noon.
Johns only son John Patrick Noon was born in Liverpool on 11th Oct 1902
Johns wife Julia died sometime before the 1911 census. John went to live with his wife's sister Mary Anne Fox at 24 Nursery street Liverpool. His father then went to Southampton to find work. His last listed residence was The Lost Sailors Home before he joined Titanic. On board Titanic John was on Watch 3 working 8am - 12md and 8pm -12 mn so was in the boiler room at the time of the collision.
young john was briefly admitted to the local workhouse for 2-3 weeks while john was away as times were hard in Liverpool but was collected by an older cousin - presumably after Titanic went down. He was classed as a class G dependant and received 2s 6d per week. John was aged 10 years at the time of the sinking and most books state little is known of him after that.
I have however found him. He went to sea like his father. aged 16 yrs he was listed as a scullion in The Saxonia - involved in the transatlantic trade. John also worked on the Lapland, The Mercian and The Cedric. In 1927 he moved to Donegal and was listed as a ships carpenter in The Cameronia.
Sadly John Patrick Noon was killed on 31st Dec 1942. He was an Ordinary Seaman in The Royal Navy on HMS Achates, a Class A Destroyer - she was an escort destroyer on Arctic Convoy - JW51B when she was sunk in The Barents sea
Achates was hit by gunfire from a German Heavy cruiser with the loss of over 100 men including John Patrick Noon then aged 40 years. His service number was C/JX353207 his name is on The Chatham Naval Memorial
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