John O'Connor


i think this might be a relative of ours. My grandfather was born in 1911 in London to an Ellen O'connor. Before he died in 1997 my grandfather said that one of his relatives was a stoker on the titanic. We have just discovered that Ellen (my g/fathers mother) was born in Dunedin, NZ in 1883 and came to London at the turn of the century. I know my grandfather had cousins in Canning Town area. Would like to confirm that this John O'Connor was born in Southampton - can anyone help with more information? Thank you
Hello there, Thanks for posting these details. John or Jack O Connor is our family relative too. The family didn’t actually realise John had survived the Titanic until I came across more details on John O Connor just very recently.
James Dunne from Dublin, Ireland is my Dad who had orginal photos of John O Connor from Dunne family archive. John O Connor Is my Dads great great Uncle. John O Connor died in Southampton. It states here he was also born in Southampton. His father was Irish, the OConnors. Here’s my email address so I can forward you more details, photos etc
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