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John Snyder Pillsbury

Discussion in 'General Passenger Relatives' started by Anne N., Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Anne N.

    Anne N. Member

    Hi, all:

    It's been a long time since I posted; but I got back on the site after watching ANTR recently!

    Through my genealogy, I've found I'm a distant cousin to John Snyder Pillsbury, grandson of the PIllsbury Flour Company founder. John and his newlywed wife Nelle were one of the first off the ship, in lifeboat 7. I would love to know more about this (admittedly distant) relative. I enjoy remembering him by being loyal to Pillsbury brand :).
    Of course, I'm always the distant cousin to big money, or an illegitimate branch of royalty.
  2. Kas01

    Kas01 Member

    After the sinking, Snyder served in the Army, reaching the rank of Major during WWI and seeing combat as an infantry officer. He served one term in the Minnesota House of Representatives in the late 1920s as a Republican. Apparently he and his wife were in Vienna during the Anschluss as well.
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  3. Kas01

    Kas01 Member

    I can't believe that I missed the opportunity to make this joke earlier, but I guess you could say that Pillsbury Snyder was a doughboy.
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