Joseph Bell

Heya all.

I was reading Joseph Bell's biography (the chief engineer) on this site and it said that his son travelled with him on the Titanic from Belfast to Southampton. However, I checked the crew and passenger records (also on this site) and his son - Frank. Is not on them.

Does anybody have an idea on why he's not on them?



ann Freer

All the listings are from Southampton onwards so he wouldn't be on those. There is a list of passengers from Belfast on the delivery run but as you say he doesn't appear on that one either so maybe he was crew then and I couldn't see that list.
Maybe he was on board unofficially and it has only been noticed because of the history of the ship. I dont know what privelidges officers had on merchant ships.
>>Maybe he was on board unofficially <<

About the only way he could have been aboard unofficially would have been as a stowaway. Otherwise, some record would exist somewhere. This kind of accounting was taken very seriously by port authorities.

Of course, that doesn't always mean that the pertinant records have survived to the present day...

Mark Baber

Hello, all--

1. Please note that Christa, whose message started this thread in 2003, hasn't visited this board in almost two years. She's not likely to respond.

2. Ioannis, note that Christa was looking for Chief Bell's son, not for Chief Bell himself.