Joseph Boxhall Photo in Titanic Voices

Inger Sheil

Can't resist a Titanic crewman photo discussion.

As I think I may have raised on this board before, ever since Kerri and I saw the original of the photo purportedly of an older, moustached Joseph Groves Boxhall in the Southampton Maritime Museum (reproduced in 'Titanic Voices') we've had our doubts about the identification. However, we thought that perhaps the man was a Joseph Boxhall...Captain Joseph Boxhall, father of JGB.

I've now had the opportunity to view a quite a number of photos of Captain Boxhall, and there's no doubt in my mind that the photo is indeed that of Joseph Senior.

Now to let Southampton know.

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Ooooooooooooooooooooooo Inger, I know the feeling very well!

Maybe the time is now to reveal another of those little secrets!

Perhaps the biggest surprise for me came in 1999 when I was interviewing the only living relation to Arthur "Bob" Ward. She became my first teacher at Bickerley House School which is situated down in Station Road, here in my home town of Romsey.

Bickerley is no longer a private school anymore.

The Ward photograph which you can view on this site originates from my home town of Romsey. We think possibly this photo was taken roundabout 1911, although we cannot be sure. The company in Romsey then was called Test Valley Studios 19, The Hundred, Romsey. Surprisingly the building still survives today although the business decided closed down many years ago. What is even more stunning is the fact that the owner of Test Valley Studios a Mr C Finch, was in charge and became the main collector of all donations for the Ward Memorable Plaque (which is the second below the marble made of brass) and can be viewed today inside Romsey Abbey.

So I know what its like Inger when those unexpected and fascinating surprise's do emerge from nowhere.

Good luck with Southampton!

Best wishes

Andrew W.

Inger Sheil

G'day Andrew - Good stuff on Ward! I seem to recall some other unexpected finds you've told me that cropped up in unusual places. It pays to follow up every lead, eh?

One of the things that struck me as unusual about the photo purportedly of J G Boxhall was the eye colour - when we saw the original, Kerri immediately noticed that the figure apparently had light coloured eyes. J G B was unusual in that he had dark eyes, unlike most of his family who have the striking combination of generally dark hair and light coloured, often blue eyes. Captain Joseph Boxhall had light eyes.

Speak to you soon!

~ Ing
I seen that photo in my copy of "Titanic Voices" and i kind of wondered if that was Boxhall's father........the clothes look kind of dated......i mean the age of the gentleman in the photo was maybe about in his 50's........and when Boxhall was that age i think it was in the 1940s........and i seen that photo with Boxhall in the ad and the officers uniform he has on is more updated...well....just looking at the collar is a dead give away....and when you see that photo anyone could figure that the individual is sssssoooo not JGB......

so with his father having light eyes......JGB must have had some of his mother's features......