Joseph G Williams HampW Employee

rene bergeron

Jun 16, 2001
Hi all, I was wondering where I can find information on people who help build Titanic. The man's name is Mr. Joseph G. Williams. This man worked for the riveting department for Harland & Wolff and retired in February 1923. Does anyone have any information or know where I can get some.
Thanks in advance, Rene Bergeron

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
Rene, Harland & Wolff have stated that they have no records of past employees. You may be able to find something about him in public records in Northern Ireland. By this I mean things like records of births, deaths and marriages. It's just possible that the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum may have something. There's also the Ulster Titanic Society at

Unfortunately, it's possible for a man to leave very few traces of his life, so long as he keeps out of trouble and out of the papers.

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