Joseph Harris

Joseph Harris was my great uncle. I was told that he was acre member but called back before Titanic sailed as his wife was gravely ill in Belfast. I suspect that he perhaps intended to try to sign on at Southampton but was called home and thereby either way had a lucky escape .
Hi Rita,
Joseph Harris was my grandfather Albert Harris brother, As I understand it Joseph did indeed leave ths ship at Southhampton to return to Belfast. The story I was told was that his wife who I understand was called Minerva, (Minnie) had died in childbirth. her son lived and they named him Joseph, Joseph snr wanted to return to sea , so JosephJnr was raised by his Grandmother Lizzie Corrigan. I have a group photo taken around 1930s.
In the group is Who I think Is Joseph Jnr in milatary uniform and I believe Joseph Snn in naval uniform, plus Lizzie Corrigan, My mum Mary Jane Harris, and a little girl whom I dont know, and a lady standing beside Joseph Snr.
titanic story, Joe Harris (2).jpg
titanic story, Joe Harris (2).jpg