Joughin's sinking claims

Cam Houseman

Cam Houseman

I was wondering, do we know Joughin was always being truthful?

For example, his claim of water in the "Confectioner and 2nd Baker" room on E-Deck, just aft of the forward Engine Room Bulkhead (Bulkhead K).

BOT Testimony:
6209. You said when you went down to the pantry that you saw some water there. Did I understand you rightly about that?
- When I went down to my quarters.

6210. Which deck is that on?
- E deck.

6211. What time was this?
- After 1 o'clock.

The Commissioner:
How long before the vessel went down?

6212. (The Solicitor-General.) You suggested he said that he saw some water. I thought he said he went to get a drink of water?
- I went to the pantry, I said, to get a drink of water.

6293. And the water that you are talking about was on the port side of your room?
- Yes, the extreme port side.

6294. Did the water extend over the whole of the floor of your room?
- Oh, yes, but the bulk of it was on the port side.

6295. You have said it was deep enough to come to your ankles; Where was it deep enough to come to your ankles?
- On the port side.

6296. On the side which was nearest amidships, what water was there there?
- I could not say, but I suppose a fraction less, that is all.

6297. (Mr. Laing.) Was there enough to wet your feet, and that sort of thing?
- Yes, that is all.

6298. You have told us that you saw some men coming along to close the watertight doors on the alleyway?
- Yes.

I wonder if this was earlier than Joughin says, and he added the water in to give it a dramatic effect.

6329. Did you see or believe that more water was coming in while you were standing there?
- I could not see any coming; I did not know where it came from at all.

6330. Had your cabin a coaming?
- A very small one; less than two inches.

6333. Did you return to that same deck at all, or was it your last visit?
- That was my last visit.

6334. And you told me you did not see water on that deck anywhere else?
- Nowhere else.

If his estimate was true, it being 1:30, what about Wheat who said that the water was up near the Portside doorway to the E-Deck Landing of the Staircase by around 1:00-1:20am?

Where did this idea that Joughin was drunk come from, as well? In his testimony, all he says that he went to get a drink of the water.

What are you all's idea on this? Not to mention his Stern capsizing testimony, while Dillion and Prentice specifically said the Stern levelled out.
Matthew Chapman

Matthew Chapman

In previous testimony, he said he had half a tumbler of whiskey. This certainly wouldn't have made him flat out drunk. But he did go to fetch some water from the pantry later on.
Dr. Wacky

Dr. Wacky

Joughin did claim to have seen water in his cabin by i think 1:44 am.