JP Morgan & TrunkNeed info on these items

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Brenda Gremore

Hi, Brenda here, I found a cancelled stock certificate from JP Morgan's company with the Titanic on it at a antique store in Indiana also found a luggage trunk with a White Star Line sticker, Liverpool passgae Sticker and a luggage tag saying the person was going to New York.
Does anyone know where or whom I may contact to find out about these items. Any help would be great.
Thank You, Brenda
I recently purchased three such stock certificates for around $25. Depending on the date, those luggage items could have come from any WSL ship, and there were many. WSL ships sailed for many years after the Titanic disaster. You might contact the Titanic Historical Society in Massachusetts for additional information.

Mark Baber

>I found a cancelled stock certificate from JP Morgan's company with the Titanic

Ah, look closer...the four-stacker shown on the IMM certificate is painted in Red Star/American Line colors (black funnels with a white band), not White Star's.

Indeed, I understand that there are such certificates dated as early as 1907, before the plans for the Olympic class ships were finalized and before it was decided that they would be four-stackers. Given that fact and given the fact that neither Red Star nor American EVER had a four-stacker, the ship on the certificate is an image of no particular ship, and certainly of no ship that ever existed.

The I.M.M. stock if Pre-sinking usually sells for good money. I've seen them near $100.oo each. Look for Ismays' signature on the bottom. The Name Titanic is not on it, but savy antique stores know the connection.

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