Julian Fellowes Titanic.

Jul 6, 2011
I would like your thoughts on the ITV Mini Series of the Titanic, by Julian Fellowes.

Aside from the fact that we had to watch some scenes nearly four times, and his dramatic liscence seemed to run away with him, (like the Thayers meeting in lifeboats, Dorothy Gibson being given brandy, etc),

I thought it was a very well made piece of television. I am pleased that so many characters were seen in this, and by name as well, Thayers, Wideners, Gibsons, Allisons, Duff Gordons. I know that in other films they have been portrayed but they didnt seem to have as big as part as they did in this one. I also found the scene where all the maids and valets of the people in first class met, very interesting, this has never been shown before in any film and gave a great insight into life behind beautiful dresses and fixing hair.

What got me aswell was the fact that you saw the Allison's final moments, I have always been interested in what happened to them, and it seems Fewllowes listened to some of the eyewitness accounts of the Allisons final moments and showed them trying to get into the collapsible lifeboats, this was a highlight for me, albeit a very sad moment, that did have me in tears.

I also very much enjoyed the view of the sinking of the ship from the point of view of the people actually in the water, not just of the people on the ship or in lifeboats, it was a great view which really made you feel like you were there, or thats even how it happened.

I know that alot of people will disagree but I was very impressed with it, and I would love to hear all your opinions, as a 22 year old male working in Fashion I rarely get a chance to speak to anyone about the Titanic haha.
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Mar 17, 2018
The 2012 mini-series by Julian Fellowes is the Best of the modern dramatizations of Titanic so far, in my opinion. Cameron’s film is more accurate to the ship’s physical appearance, but Jack and Rose really irritate me. The 1996 mini-series starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and George C. Scott is good as far as the people are concerned, but there are some major errors that bother me (Alice Cleaver and Molly Brown storylines are almost completely wrong). I still prefer 1958’s “A Night to Remember” over them all, but I think Julian Fellowes production is next. Then the Zeta-Jones version. Then the 1956 film starring Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck. As you can probably tell, I’m not a fan of James Cameron’s film.

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