Just a few observations

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Paul Lee

I'd just like to mention a few things that might spark some debate:

Lawrence Beesley, in his account said that Titanic's lights went off, flashed on once and then went off for good before the sinking. Did anyone see this happen? Everyone that I know of just says that the lights went out!

The other thing is the way the ship orientated itself as it broke in two. Jack Thayer Jr., form his lifeboat on the starboard side (I think!) said that "gradually [the Titanic] turned her deck away from us" as she went down, and Baker Joughin said that the ship gave a lurch to one side, throwing everyone in a heap on the poop deck. Did any other survivors notice this dramatic list/deck twist in the final few seconds?

best wishes to you all
This is true, as the stern section sank she did twist slightly. It's just that many people are influenced by way that the stern section sinks in Cameron's film where it "Just bobs like a cork..."
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