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Well I have finally found the time to sit down and ask questions on the message board that I have been waiting to do for a while

1) I read somewhere that Mary Davison died after throwing herself in front of King's horse during the 93 running derby. Is this right or wrong?

2) I have a few questions about Lyyli Silven.

A) Was rev. William and Anna Lahtinen Lyyli's foster or adopted parents?
B) How long has she been with them and why? (Did her parents die when she was young?)
C) Where did she go after surviving the sinking and after Rev. William and Anna Died?

3) Who was the steward Roberta Maioni was fond of?

4) What other shipwreck did Edith Rosenbaum survive after the sinking?

Any info will be great.



Anthony Kevin Sheils


To answer your first question only:

Mary Davison (an American lady) was probably no relation to Emily Davison (an English suffragette)
who attempted to grab the bridle of Anmer, a horse owned by King George V, at the Epsom Derby in 1913. Emily Davison died from her injuries sustained in this incident.

I'll leave the other questions for others better qualified than I to deal with!


Lyyli Silven was Anna Lahtinen's sister or cousin. After the sinking she traveled to an Uncle's residence in Hancock, Michigan.
Hi Chris, Andrew,

According to Janet White; Lyyli Silven was Mrs Lathinen's sister; but this seems unlikely as Mrs Lahtinen's maiden name was Sylfven. I have also seen a note saying that Miss Silven's father was Reverand Lahtinen's cousin.

Hope this helps,
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