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kelly marie donohoe

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kelly am I have been traceing my great grandad for 6 months he was Albert Hunt a trimmer on the titanic. I would be very grateful if you could take the time to answer some questions for me, their may be a few but ill keep them short.

1) What exactly did a trimmer do, and can I get a duties lis anywhere?

2) What would my grandad of ate on board?

3)Where did my (g) sleep and can I get a copy of the cabins from anywhere?

4) He was named a senior third engineer, what does this mean?

5)How on earth did he survive in collaspible C when so many other people died?

These are just a few questions but i know mos peopl on here are very well educated about the titanic, I would be very grateful to get answers asap.
Kelly, this should cover your questions.

1. Trimmers brought coal from the coal bunkers to the furnaces, using wheelbarrows if necessary. They 'trimmed' the coal in the bunker into a neat pile, to prevent it falling on them as they worked. They also, under the direction of officers, kept the ship trimmed, by making sure that the coal load was kept evenly distributed. They worked four hours on and eight hours off.

2. He ate a typical British working class diet, which was prescribed by the Board of Trade rules. There was meat, fish, potatoes, rice, vegetables fresh, dried or tinned, and some jam and seasonings. As a trimmer, he was allowed extra oatmeal and an extra quart of water per day while underway. Don't forget the famous lime or lemon juice. One thing he didn't get was alcohol. White Star ships were strictly dry.

3. He slept right forward on E Deck. I've never seen a photo of the quarters, but think basic bunks and lockers. There were 24 trimmers to each room.

4. It means somebody made a mistake. An engineer was an officer who held formal qualifications. Albert Hunt is on the crew list purely as a trimmer.

5. Partly luck and maybe a bit of pushiness. If he was off duty at the time of the collision, he would have been one of the first to realise how bad things were.
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