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Karolina Bystrom Lifeboat

Discussion in 'Individuals in Boats' started by Leigh Anthony Ross, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Does anyone have any clues to what lifeboat Mrs. Byström was rescued in? Thank-you
  2. also if anyone knows which lifeboat Ada Julia Doling or her daughter Elsie Doling were in that would be helpful
  3. Hi Leigh,

    Seems Not.
    Looking at Kyrila's: Titanic - The Survivors - A Manifest of the Lifeboats,
    she has all 3 as: "Survivors not listed in boats".
  4. oh, well thanks anyway Lester. Is Bertha Ilett also listed as "Survivor not in boats"?
  5. Yes.

    But in a private communication dated 9 Aug 1977, I was told she was in Boat 2. - A few informations in that communication have since proved to be in error.
  6. Delia Mahoney

    Delia Mahoney Member

  7. Delia, anything is possible. They did say they left in a boat which was only 'half-full'. Since the aft port boats were less well-filled than the starboard ones, I have a feeling they may have been in 10 or 12. As for Karolina Byström, Ruth Becker in No 11 mentioned an 'elderly German lady' next to her. I wonder whether this might have been Mrs Byström? All Swedes with a higher education had been taught German at school as the first foreign language back then. But 'elderly'...perhaps to a twelve-year-old girl, a lady of 40 might have been considered 'elderly.' I don't know. At any rate, I have never seen an interview with her in Swedish, regrettably.

    Best regards,

  8. Thank-you both Delia and Peter
  9. Actually, I remember seeing a post around here somewhere filling in some facts about those women.
    Karolina Bystrom: Lifeboat 10
    Bertha Ilett: Lifeboat 12
  10. Christian,
    If you read this, thank you. Glad to know that Karolina Bystrom was in lifeboat 10. I wonder how you know as she is not mentioned in any of the listings for the boats. Lilly
  11. Mark Baber

    Mark Baber Moderator

    Hello, again, Lilly---

    Christian last visited this board close to three years ago. (This information is available by clicking on his name in the message above yours.) Whether anyone else can answer your question I can't say, but it's not likely that Christian will respond.
  12. Does anyone know when and where Karolina Bystrom died?