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Kate Buss

Discussion in 'Passenger Research' started by Kritina Johnston, Dec 12, 1999.

  1. In the biography about Kate Buss on this site, one of the things mentioned is that she wrote home that John Wesley Woodward smiled at her at the end of each song played. With 3 cellists on board (Woodward, Roger Bricoux, and Percy Taylor,who of course also acted as pianist), how was she able to specifically identify the one who smiled at her as Woodward?
  2. Ursula

    Ursula Guest

    On board Titanic there were two ensembles: a salon quintet of two violins (Hartley and Hume), cello (Woodward), bass (Clarke) and piano (probably Taylor), and, additionally, the trio playing exclusively in the reception room outside the A la carte Restaurant and Café Parisien: violin - Belgian Georges Krins -, cello - French Roger Bricoux -, and piano - probably Theodore Brailey. This is not verified, but most plausible, because both, Roger Bricoux and Theodore Brailey, had previously served on the Cunard liner Carpathia, together with violinist Edgar Heap. Theodore Brailey must have been accustomed to his French-speaking colleague, so why should they have separated, particularly because French was also the native language of violinist Georges Krins. Ensemble members like to stick together, when they have grown accustomed to each other.

    I'm an amateur musicologist doing some private research in turn-of-the-century "Palm Court" music and very interested in this aspect of Titanic's history. I am convinced that Percy Taylor, who was a pianist - and is in some sources called a cellist (additionally?) -, did only play the piano(s) aboard the Titanic and not a cello. A salon quintet consisting of two violins, two celli and a bass might be, to put it mildly, very, very unusual. Two "high" and three "low" strings, what a sound! If you had no piano, but a cello and a bass, the fifth instrument usually was a third violin or a viola, or sometimes a woodwind (flute, clarinet), but not a second cello. Many string players are also pianists, but even if Percy Taylor was both, a pianist and a cellist, he would have left his cello at home.

    So the cellist having smiled at Kate probably was John Woodward. And why shouldn't the have introduced themselves to each other?
  3. Chris Dohany

    Chris Dohany Member

    I believe you are correct that Brailey was in the Restaurant Trio and Taylor with Hartley's quintet. Both men were pianists, the only publication I can recall that places Taylor as a cellist is "Triumph and Tragedy", which does have it's share of other errors; all other period sources I've seen list Taylor as a pianist.
    Chris Dohany
  4. Mike Herbold

    Mike Herbold Member

    Sorry I didn't notice your note before. I'm interested in Kate Buss because she ended up in my home state of California. In case you're not aware of it, Brian Ticehurst published a paper on her. Let me know if you don't know how to get it.
    Mike Herbold
  5. Hi everyone!
    Kate Buss traveled on the Titanic's board as second class passenger. She survived sinking and went to California where she married Samuel Willis on May 1912. They had one daughter. What is her name? Lillian? Sybil?
    Does she still alive?
  6. mary mason

    mary mason Member

    her daughter was called sybil
  7. Mike Herbold

    Mike Herbold Member

    Brian Ticehurst wrote a 14 page booklet entitled "Titanic Passenger Miss Kate Buss of Sittingbourne, Kent" which may interest you. It's probably still available. If you are a BTS member, check the ads in the ADB.
  8. Thanks greatly, Mike!
  9. graham buss

    graham buss Guest

    i am trying to find out about kate buss as she may be related to me please let me know if anyone knows if kate had a relative called lenard buss
  10. graham buss

    graham buss Guest

  11. Shane Worthy

    Shane Worthy Member

    I am sorry Graham,
    There is no relation. Kate married after the Titanic accident and was renamed Kate Willis so any relation would have to be with her upbringing. I am afraid there is none though.
    All Ahead Full!
  12. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Shane, it's true that after her marriage and name change Kate would have no direct descendants called Buss. But she had two brothers and possibly also uncles on her father's side. Any of these could provide a line of descent (retaining the name Buss) by which Graham could be related to Kate. We can say that we don't know of a connection, but not that there certainly isn't one.

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  13. Arun Vajpey

    Arun Vajpey Member

    Sorry to resurrect a nearly 15-year old thread but can anyone shed a light on Kate Buss' temporary 'disappearance' upon reaching New York harbour? I have read that rather than face the reporters and the rest, she simply stepped into the crowd. Somehow, I find that interesting.