Kate Connolly (died)

Yes, Magda, their cabin would have been in the stern section but that's all we know. Very few cabin numbers are known for the Third Class passengers. We do know there was another group of single Irish girls (again mostly called Katie!) in No 161 on E deck, so they might have been somewhere in that locality (White Star did make some effort to keep people from similar backgrounds together). But that's just a guess.
Hello again, Bob!
You claimed, that Katie's destination was Dobbs Ferry. Yes, the passenger list prepared for the American Inquiry records that she was 'going to J Bunbury, Dobbs Ferry'. But I think this was other Kate Connolly's destination (survivor). Isn't truth? If you want, choose "Kate Connolly" in Inquiry and check it!
Hallo, Magda. There's not much doubt in my mind that the older Katie Connolly from Tipperary, who died, was planning to stay with her cousin J Bunbury at Dobbs Ferry. The younger Katie Connolly from Cavan, who survived, was going to join her sister in New York City. The ET summary page for victim Katie confirms her destination as Dobbs Ferry:

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Hello Magda and Bob!
I think I found interesting poem about "two Celtic Kates" - young Connolly's girls from Titanic, of course.
Click http://www.elderhostel.org/Ein/former_lives.asp
if you want see this poem. I observed many wrong info. Older Katie was from Tipperary(like my mother
), not Cavan, wasn't she? And Bob claimed she was 35, not 30 when she died.
But in my opinion this poem isn't bad.
Hope I was helpful.

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Not bad at all, Delia. And wherever they are now I'm sure the two Kates won't mind swapping a few details of their lives - it's the sentiment that counts, especially from another Kate Connolly who was touched by their stories.

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This is my first post so I hope that you will be very patient for me.
Does anybody know where can I find info about Tipperary passengers (websites, etc.)? I have a question about Connolly family from Tipperary. Were they in 1901 Census? If they were, how old was Katie at this time? I'm related with Timothy Connolly who had a family in Tipperary (Bansha). Please help me in my researching.


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Hallo, Eire, and welcome. Katie (Catherine) Connolly from Tipperary ought certainly to be in the 1901 Census returns, but you are not likely to find any information there that is not already in the postings in this thread. The most reliable sources I know of give her age as 35 in 1912, so depending on her birthdate she would have been either 23 or 24 at the time of the Census on 31 March 1901.

The best source of information on passengers and crew from Tipperary (or anywhere else in Ireland) is Senan Molony's book The Irish aboard Titanic. Good luck in your researches.

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Hello, Bob and thank you for info! I suppose that brothers of Katie age's are unknown. I'm going on my research. Perhaps I will send something to this thread if I know more about Miss Katie Connolly.


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Eire, the ages of the whole Connolly family are known. At the time that Katie died on the Titanic her brother Edward (knife sharpener) was 33 and Richard (porter) was 29. Katie's sister Margaret (music teacher) was 37 and her mother Kate (shopkeeper) was 67. That's from Senan Molony's book, which I mentioned above.
Therer was an obituary about Mrs, C. Croke, Ballintemple in the "Nationalist", Tipperary November 20 1948, and there was another one in"Tipperary Star on same date.
On November 20 that year there was also an article about her in #The Nationalist" It is an interview with her husband Mr. John Croke. It is about how his wife was rescued from the ship, and placed in a lifeboat.
Try the local library in Tipperary if you need these articles.