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Seong Ae-Mun

Hello again everyone,
How are all of you? I fine, but am recovering from a bout with flu. I was wondering if anyone has any accounts from steerage passenger Miss Kate Gilnagh (spelling?)from Ireland. I would be interesting to see see anything that she related about her experience. She is mentioned in Mr. Lord's book. Thank you kindly.

Arun Vajpey

Jul 8, 1999
I have read a couple of accounts (including a brief mention on ET Biography) where it is stated that Third Class passenger Katherine Gilnagh got a bit lost after reaching the higher decks during the sinking of the Titanic. It seems that she (and another girl?) ended-up somehow on a deck below the one from where she could get access to the lifeboats and could not get any further. There she came upon a man standing alone and looking out into the night at the calm sea, apparently oblivious of the activity above. On realising Kate's predicament, he reportedly asked her to climb onto his shoulders and get onto a higher deck and eventually to the safety of a lifeboat.

Is this probable fact or embellished fiction? If true, any idea who the man involved could have been? For a long time I thought that it was fellow Irishman and Titanic victim James Farrell; but now I know that Farrell helped Kate and some other girls from Third Class to cross the barrier formed by crewmen between steerage and the higher classes but probably did not get above himself.

So who could have been that other man?
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