Katherine Hepburn on the Titanic

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Bob Cruise

While many a thread has speculated on a "dream cast" for a Titanic film, so far (I think...) no one has selected one particular actor/actress and postulated the various ways that famous person - at various stages in their career - might fill the role of a famous name in the ship's saga.

Seeing as how dear-departed "Kate"'s career spanned 7 decades, it's easy to imagine her - young or old - in any number of Titanic movie roles.

My choices:

As a young actress - how 'bout Madeline Astor? Or even Rose Dawson (but would she do the nude scene???)

As a middle-aged woman, how about Lady Duff-Gordon? Or how 'bout steely Ruth DeWitt Bukater? Or Edith Russell?

As a much older woman - who?

Heck - as a child, I'd even cast her as either Eva Hart or Ruth Becker

Anybody else?

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Ms Hepburn was, of course, a fully experienced shipwreck survivor from her role as Rose (Sayer, not Dawson) in 'The African Queen'. So let's cast her in another small boat role as the Countess of Rothes in lifeboat 8, with Bogey as Seaman Jones, of course. She could re-use tried and tested lines from 'The African Queen', like "Do you suppose, after I've practised steering a bit, that some day I might try?" And of course "Now that I've had a taste of it, I don't wonder you love boating"
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