Katie Mullen

There's a good photo of her as a young unmarried woman on the cover of The Irish Aboard Titanic by Senan Molony (and with the included biography).

You won't regret it, Mary. It was a bit of a trick at the time, but I got my copy almost four years ago. Senan did a very thorough job of researching passengers and crew who were on that ship, including digging up some information on some incredibly obscure figures, and included some family legends and lore in the entries.

When I met him at a dinner the Phil Gowan hosted, he indicated that he spent nearly 8 years researching it. I beleive it!

I've noticed that the last name of Katie is spelled here as "Mullen" but I've seen it somewhere written as "Mullins" or "Mullens". Which is correct?

Jason D. Tiller

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Hello Jean,

Welcome to ET. I moved this thread to here, where it's more appropriate and will generate a better response.

Have you checked out Katie's biography, right here on this site? If not, here is the link:

Katie Mullen's bio

Also, this thread has a bit of info:

Katie Mullen

There are some other passenger researchers on here, who may be able to tell you more about her life.

I hope this helps.

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Jean - All I can add is the rather stark entry :

(From The Emergency and Relief booklet by the American Red Cross, 1913).
Case number 321. (Irish). Girl, 20 years old. ($100).

Chers Brian
thanks for the messages her bio was very interesting. I have recently ordered the book Irish aboard the titanic by senan maloney cant wait to receive it. This is a very interesting site, it is all new to me but I am enjoying the research. regards jean
According to Senan's: The Irish Aboard Titanic, the son was named John.
Aged 19 along with 496 others he was drowned when their troopship was sunk 20 April 1944.

Joanne O'Bray

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My name is Joanne, I live in New Zealand but was born in England.

I have been searching for my Great Great Aunt who was on the Titanic. All I've had to go on so far is that her last name was Millen or Miller and she was born in Ireland. After an extensive search of the passenger list I have found that the closest person is Katie Mullen.

I have read about her on this site but what I need to find out is about her past. Who were her family members? Did she have any brothers or sisters?

If anyone has any information I would be most grateful.

Hello Joanne,

As one Kiwi to another welcome to Encyclopedia Titanica.

Looking at Katie's biography in: The Irish Aboard Titanic: parents Thomas and Mary; 4 older siblings. John the eldest, Elizabeth who was 2 years younger, Rose 2 younger again, Thomas another two years younger again and then Katie herself who was 2 years younger than Thomas.

However, I am confused because under the heading: 1911 census: ".... Thomas (65), farmer, wife Mary (64), married 40 years, nine children, seven surviving, Thomas (23) Bridget (24), Kate (19) ....."

I am guessing that your Great Great Aunt survived? If not what about Mary Mullin?

Hope your search goes well,

Joanne O'Bray

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Thanks very much for all the info Lester.

I will run this information past my mother who knows more than I do about our herritage, however, going through those names I think I have hit a brick wall.

A thought just occured to me though, I wonder if it was not my great grandmothers sister but my great grandfather's. I shall do a search for his name of 'Brownbill' and see if I can dig anything up.

Failing that, the fact that my family never spoke of the matter of my great great aunt, I wonder if she could have been a stowaway or maybe had been on board another way.

Wish me luck.