Thank you Lester,

I didn't say if she survived because I do not know. I have only the information that my Mother gave me which is very flimsy as her family didn't like to talk about it. Her Mother (my Grandmother) told her she was lost on the Titanic and her mother was a no nonsence sort of lady who would not fib about such things.

I believe that to mean that she drowned but the information is so minimal that it is hard to know.

I am going to record my mother talking about her family (ie her grandparents) and see if I can find out that way. By tracing my family history. I have been over the passenger lists with a fine tooth comb to no avail.

But I am not the sort of person to give up. So onwards and upwards.

Hello Jo,

Well if she was lost then you can rule out Katie Mullen. So what about Mary Mullin? - Looking at her biography in: The Irish Aboard Titanic in 1901 she was living with her mother, three brothers and two sisters: Owen, Bartholomew, Dan, Bridget and Margaret. There is also mention of another brother named Joseph.
Hey Lester,

Thanks to the link you gave me on Thursday, I have found her. I cannot thank you enough.

It seems my family got it wrong, Her name was Fanny Millen and was not on board the Titanic but the S.S. Celtic.

I don't know why my great grandmother told my grandmother her youngest sister was on the Titanic. A question I will never have answered I'm affraid. All my mother and I can come up with is that maybe she had discraced the family somehow. The difference between catholic and protestant back then was quite a bit. All we can do is speculate.

But at least I have found her, which means I am bound to have other family members living today in America.

Thank you again Lester without your help I'm not sure I would have found her.

Hello Jo,

Good to hear that you have a result. - Looks as if she was a widow going to her sister in NY.

Glad to have been of help. Hope your family search goes well.

I guess I should clarify my last post. Katie Mullen was my grandmother's cousin. My grandmother's family is from Longford, Ireland. I always heard stories about her and how her son died by drowning on a troop ship. I was surprised to hear she lived here in Queens, NY very close to where I live but I never got to meet her. My mother also said Katie's sister was the maid of honor at her grandmothers wedding.

Sorry if my last post was confusing
Pat, i think that is so cool that you are related to her! do you by chance have any pictures of her? i want to know because where i live our local theatre group is doing Titanic: a new Musical, and i play Kate Mullen (as in the musical Mullins)!!!
Hello Amanda,

Welcome aboard. According to Pat's profile, s/he has not accessed the board since last September, so they may or may not see your message. You can send them a message through their profile though, by clicking on their name.
are there any pictures on the internet of her? i looked up the book and didn't know which one was her. if it is the smaller ones i couldn't find previews of the book or anything to say which one is her
Hello Amanda,

I do not have any pictures but will ask my mother if she has any. I believe she does have one or two. I will post it if we can find it. Good luck with your musical.

My maternal grandmother, Margaret Mullen, was also Kate's cousin. In fact she bought the ticket for the Titanic, but changed her mind about going , and gave it to (or sold it!) to Kate.
Margaret also came from Longford, and in fact I've recently visited there with my mother at their old house in St. Micheals Road, Longford, where we met people who remembered the family.
Katie Mullen's name was on the passenger list, so she could not have been using a ticket issued to somebody else. There was no provision for transfer of ownership.