Dec 3, 2006
Wow, you all know so much. I only know some of the basic stuff. I watched the movie "Titanic" for the first time on April 14th, 2006 (the 94th anniversary of the iceberg hit, didn't realize that until the movie was nearly over). Then I started looking up info online and now I love finding out new things. my family and friends are sick of it since it is all I've really talked about in the past almost 8 months. I even recently named my goldfish James Paul Moody (we call him Moody), William M. Murdoch (we call him Murdoch), and Charles H. Lightoller (we call him Lights). I am going to do a project about Titanic for my 8th grade project. I think it is awesome that you all know so much. I hope to learn that much soon because all of this information is so interesting. How long have you been interested in Titanic?


mark garfien

Hello and welcome to ET! I am in 8th grade like you are and i have beeen overly obsessed with the "Titanic" ever scince I was 6/7 years old. My favorite area of interst is the deck officers, and I have a cat named "Lights".

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Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
G'Day Kelly, if you're doing a research project about the Titanic, there's nothing better then going to some primary sources. The good news is that the Inquiry transcripts are available on line at

While some of the reading may be about as exciting as watching paint dry, it's all first hand material from the people who were directly involved.

João Carlos Pereira Martins

Hello Kelly! I'm glad to see you joined ET!

Enjoy this and see you around the posts.



Feb 17, 1998
Wow this is odd. I was just in science class today, looking up something about birds and I looked up my name on google and the first result on the page was this message board. It really surprised me that anyone replied. Thanks!


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