Ken Marschall Interview on lostlinersde

Dec 6, 1999
Hi all!

Today (also availabel under and has become an great Update of the Titanic Area.

unfortunaly our English is not so good that we can make the Site bilangual in German and English.

We have many new topics in the Titanic Area. One of them is an Interview with Ken Marschall which is also availabel in English.

You can finde the Titanic Area on - then click "Schiffe" (ships) - "t" - "Titanic" there you can find the Interview and many more material.

Sorry that it is not easyer for the english speaking Members here, but we hope you will enjoy the Interview.

with the best regards from germany

Thorsten Totzke, Marion & Thomas Lehmann, Reiner Pachauer - the Team of

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