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Sep 1, 1996
Information about the From Maryport to the Titanic exhibition.

  • A living history of Maryport brought to life by a series of intuitive ‘Talking Pictures’ and displays.
  • A large harbour side scene featuring steamer trunks of the White Star Line and the famous Maryport Lighthouse.
  • The birth and early days of Thomas Henry Ismay, founder of the White Star Line and son of Maryport.
  • A display of chinaware and silverware etc from various ships of the White Star Line, featuring a ship’s log from SS Teutonic, (this is the only such log in existence) and dining room chairs from this famous ship.
  • A dress worn by Kate Winslet during the 1997 blockbuster movie Titanic by James Cameron.
  • Several props from the same movie.
  • A setting from Titanic’s A La Carte restaurant.
  • The word’s only steel built collection of the three sister ships Olympic, Titanic and Britannic.
  • A life sized and detailed Marconi Room, showing how Titanic distress and other messages were sent and received
  • A detailed life sized third class sleeping quarters.
  • An example of a ships bridge showing a recreation of Titanic’s famous watertight door panel.
  • A poignant Titanic Wreck Scene
  • A diving suit from the year 2000 expedition to Titanic.

Plus much more

Other details include:

A learning area which schools can pre book. This also includes a CD Rom and walks.

On arrival each visitor will receive a boarding pass and when leaving the exhibition they will learn the fate of their ‘named passenger’

On Aril 14[SUP]th[/SUP] (the day Titanic struck the iceberg) we will act as a world hub for radio communications with other ‘Titanic hotspots’ around the world. Messages will be broadcast in 30 minute slots using both Mores and voice wireless transmissions.

On April 15[SUP]th[/SUP] we will hold a memorial service to remember those whose lives were lost. This will feature a solo violinist.

This exhibition is organised by Maryport Maritime Museum but due to its sheer size the exhibition will be hosted at The Wave, Irish St. Maryport, Cumbria.

For further details visit our website


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