Lady Duff Gordon as "lady of the manor"


Randy Bryan Bigham

There isn't much the Edwardians didn't lie about. However glamorous, it was a time of dissimulation and hypocrisy. As far as being made out a liar - the Duff Gordons famously fudged at the British Inquiry. Saving face was the game. Cosmo didn't succeed too well but Lucile managed to live it down, at least during her lifetime. It's been a different story posthumously; with so much concentration on the Titanic, it's inevitable that the scandal would be revived.

sashka pozzetti

I would agree that the Edwardians were no strangers to lying, being economical with the truth, and hypocrisy. Nothing much has changed has it? I do think however that advertising a lie in a national paper would be unthinkable, but then again some people are so deluded that they don't think it matters, or that anyone else is intelligent enough to notice.


Hello, Randy. This is Lady Kristen Fanning, a relative of the Duff Gordons and many other Titanic passengers. I've been doing genealogy for 7 years and I got an email from a woman, who claimed that she might be a granddaughter of Cosmo and her grandmother, Williamina Jane Middleton. She thinks that it's possible that Cosmo impregnated Williamina because in 1911, she gave birth to a girl, Isobel Rose Middleton. This woman who emailed me is Isobel's daughter. I can't find any contact information to cousin Andrew (8th baronet) and I already contacted cousin Camilla, the great granddaughter of Lucy and James Stuart Wallace. Do you know of anything about the "affair" and Cosmo's illegitimate daughter, Isobel?