Lady Pirrie

Andy N.

Nov 19, 2016
Hi; never done this before, but here goes; my grandmother, Jean Coleman Logan, worked at Harland and Wolff around the time of the Titanic/Britannic launches. As far as we know, she was Lord Pirrie's secretary, and was apparently on the Titanic half an hour before it sailed, with Lord Pirrie and senior H and W people, taking notes, as they looked over the ship one last time. She continued to work for him, and probably Lady Pirrie as well, and after the Britannic was launched, she was given a letter, and a gift, by her Ladyship. The letter, which I still have, is a hand-written note, in pencil, from Lady Pirrie to my grandmother, thanking her for her work and assistance to both herself and Lord Pirrie, and is signed by Lady Pirrie. The gift was a Bluebird-style pin, attached to the bottom of the letter. We think the pin is still in the family, and are currently looking for it. I thought this information might be of interest to Titanic enthusiasts.

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