greg robertson

Years ago when I was in school, my Art Teachers son had had an interest in Titanic when he had been younger .
He gave me several things from his collection as he no longer had an interest.
There are a couple of interesting things:
One is a reproduction of a 1912 Memorial Fund booklet on the cover it is signed by 9 titanic survivors.
The other is the one that is interesting to me. It is a huge wooden block-type model of the Maadsam. I dont know where it came from. I think it was once in a Travel Agent window years ago.
Sadly, it has lost its masts and been repainted in different colours.
I wonder if any other people on here would know of any others?
Is it possible for me to try and get the paint scrubbed down to its original colour scheme? (I know it has its original colours as a part of it hasnt been painted)