Largescale functioning Titanic replica

Donald Wilson

Jan 30, 2007
Hi folks,

I gotta agree that reading Michaels posts in other threads, he is fastidious in pointing the facts to us and should be applauded.

Michael....the link, when I clicked on it, up came some nonsense about the illumanati and other such...couldn't really see or find what it's got to do with Titanic....

Jack Devine

Jan 23, 2004
That site doesn't actually have anything to do with Titanic but it illustrates the thought processes (I'm being kind here) of those who subscribe to the ship-switch theory and other Evil Secret Conspiracies. If you spend enough time digging around in there, you'll probably find someone arguing that the Titanic was sunk by Thomas Andrews to prevent Isidor Straus from assuming the Throne of Alabama, and Andrews was deliberately drowned to keep him from talking. What more proof could you possibly need? The lack of evidence is proof that they conspiracy works!

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
James Taylor's idea comes up against a thing called Port State Control, which is the means whereby nations control ships entering their waters.

In a fantasy, suppose the Emperor of Filthistan, a rich oil state, becomes a Titanic freak. Overcoming all obstacles by weight of money, he builds a perfect replica of Titanic. As Filthistan is not part of the UN and is not a party to SOLAS, he can do as he likes. Hundreds of unemployed shipbreakers from Alang are recruited to stoke her.

The wonderful replica sails triumphantly into New York, just in time for the centenary. She's met by officers of the USCG, who promptly arrest her for breaking every rule in the book. She can't leave port until she complies. Presto! The USA has a Titanic replica to exhibit.

Me? A ratbag?
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Michael....the link, when I clicked on it, up came some nonsense about the illumanati and other such...couldn't really see or find what it's got to do with Titanic....<<

In and of itself, it doesn't. What the site does is deal with the sort of mentality (I hardly consider it "thinking" ) one finds in common among those who believe in grand conspiracy theories. The Titanic/Olympic ship switch theory is a conspiracy theory, and just as bogus as all the others.

We've had a number of blokes come in to the forum who advocated this nonsense, and the mentality was classic conspiracy theorist in every sense of the word.

Matthew Lips

Mar 8, 2001
No problem, Jeremy!

As Michael points out, this Titanic 2 saga seems to come around at regular intervals, no matter how often the sheer impossibility of such a project is explained.

What I was trying to say is that Michael takes the trouble of explaining it every time, in detail. Most of us wouldn't be that patient!

Steve Olguin

Mar 31, 2005
As much as most of us would love to walk to the decks of a perfect Titanic replica, sadly, it won't happen. The only thing I can see happening in the future is a building somewhere on land, that is built to resemble a full-scale version of Titanic. Inside, would be a "crude" mock-up of the interiors, built to modern regulations. You would get bits and pieces of grandeur. Fill the surrounding area around this building with a pond, and la-dee-da. Titanic 2.

But in all seriousness, if the powers at be cant even keep the Queen Mary "afloat" then how in gods name would a second Titanic work. Sadly, as everyone has stated, it wont. At least in the near future.

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