Largest Family


Keiko Kawasaki

Does anyone know which was the largest family on board? Like the family with the most children with them at the time of sinking.

Allan Wolf

Mar 11, 2007
Asheville, NC
Hello Keiko,

I'm sure others will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Sage family was the largest. John and Annie Sage were aboard with their nine children. All eleven were lost.

Allan W.
Nov 11, 2005
There were several large families with adult children and children under 12 and most were in third class:

The Panula family (to whom are my ancestors)
mother+2 adult sons and 3 young sons

the Sage family as listed above
parents+ 6 adult children and 3 young children

Goodwin family
parents+ 2 adult children and 4 young children

Palsson family
mother+ 4 young children

Andersson family
parents+ 5 young children

Rice family
mother+ 5 young sons

Lefebvre family
mother+ 1 adult daughter and 3 young children

Skoog family
mother+ 4 young children

so those are all families who were all lost

Holly Peterson

Don't forget the Ford family:
Mother + 2 adult children and 2 children

And the Asplund family:
Parents + 4 young sons and 1 young daughter.

The Asplund family was the only large third-class family to have any surviving members - Mrs. Asplund and children Lillian and Edvin were saved while Mr. Asplund and sons Filip, Clarence and Carl were lost.

In response to Hildur's post, both parents were with the Skoog family.

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