Last Years SC Dinner

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Darren-the photos look great and I'm glad to see them--my camera went on the blink and I only got a couple of photos of the event. I hope you'll post the ones you took this year as well--you got some great ones.

One of Quartermaster Hichens' grandsons is coming to Atlanta in November and plans to come over to Florence to visit me for a couple of days--if all works out, we'll have another gathering in his honor.

Take care,
Hmmm. That's kinda weird - Darren's link doesn't work inside Netscape, but I was able to paste into IE, and it worked fine.

Colleen- thanks for covering for ME, who didn't get to a store to get a camera! And George Behe had his.

(I have it on good authority that George is going into the picturized dart board business, after the SC trip!)

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Great photo's Brian!

Thanks for sharing them.

Andrew W.
I will post the photo's from this years dinner soon, I think I have everybody in these photo's. I didn't take as many as I should have last year.
Hey Darren,
Thanks for posting them--you got some good shots.

In the photo labeled Brian Meister, Phil Gee is on the left.

The photo labeled "Emily and Susan"--should be Emilie Lott on the left and her sister Beckey Payne on the right.

Brian Hawley is with George Behe and Geoff Whitfield in a couple of photos and in one by himself.

Alex Cheek and Beckey Payne are in one of the latter photos.

Also should note that in one of the group photos of the women, Alma Whitfield is in the middle.

Anne Manning's daughter is Anne Marie Murtagh. Her three daughters are Anne Marie (oldest), Micheala (middle) and Bridgit (youngest).

It's not like we didn't save a spot for you. See the sad empty space in the photo of Susan Willard and next to Yuri Singleton? That was your place. shehe.

Next time we will be sure to organize a Titanic trivia game the night before. All of us ended up staying in the same hotel, so it was like a dorm back in college.

These are all great pictures. I'm glad such a good time was had. I only regret I couldn't make it. I had really looked forward to finally meeting everybody. It looks like it was a fine, happy bunch, despite what I hear rumored were consistent efforts by Geoff and George to bring down morale! Those two havoc-mongers!

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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